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Runaway June
'Fine Wine': Runaway June Pour 'Some Closure' On Post-Heartbreak Anthem
January 26, 2024

Runaway June expanded on the “edgy” anthem the trio unleashed last year by adding it to a 3-track EP that released on Friday (January 26). Smoke, Wine & Whiskey also includes one of the first anthems Stevie Woodward, Natalie Stovall and Jennifer Wayne wrote together.

Woodward, Stovall and Wayne teamed up with friend and cowriter Paul Sikes to pen “Fine Wine,” a sassy heartbreak song produced by Mickey Jack Cones, seeing the singers pour a glass of wine to help get through a split. Runaway June paired “Fine Wine” and “Make Me Wanna Smoke” with “Miss Me,” blending rock elements into the breakup anthem, leaving an ex “Wishin' you could kiss me/ Drinkin' that gotta get her gone kind of whiskey.”

“This is a total different vibe than what we’ve done in the past,” Woodward, the latest addition to the group, told Bobby Bones last year when they released “Make Me Wanna Smoke.” “It’s really exciting. It’s very edgy, (there are) more rock elements, and we’re really excited about it. We got pitched the song (by) one of the writers, Jason Sellers. He is just a phenomenal writer, and we heard it and instantly we’re like, ‘we are cutting this song.’ ...Me and Natalie are more of the rock chicks and we’re slowly bringing Jen to the dark side.”

The 3-track EP is the latest release from Runaway June, following “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things),” backstory, “Buy My Own Drinks” and other career-spanning hits. Find Smoke, Wine & Whiskey on iHeartRadiohere.

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